Our Story

Eircoin was a successful business

We operated for years with many customers and a high volume of sales. We were the first bitcoin business in Ireland, it gave us a great advantage and we served the market well. From 2012 we built this business up slowly and with great pride and attention.

Little did I know how vehemently the central banks and banks of Ireland would respond. Within months of starting I was receiving threatening letters from the central bank. I kept the site running as I knew I was doing nothing wrong by their own remit, but the onslaught continued. I lost bank accounts repeatedly, so did my business partner up until the start of 2018 at which point I had exhausted all options with the banking system and could no longer use the banks of Ireland. This situation still stands today.

The Future

But we haven't retired; this lesson only solidifies our resolve. From now on our business is private and we aim to remain that way. We are amongst the most experienced in the cryptocurrency industry in Ireland with years of trading, usage and coding behind us. We are crypto maximalists, we evolved this way, we have no way of going back.

If you need help with any element of the industry, contact us.